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  3. Put the fun in office fundraising

Put the fun in office fundraising

Amp up any fundraising or cause campaign with brightly colored Post-it® Notes, Flags and Big Pads.

  • Create a command center

    Create a command center

    A central hub in the office to promote the campaign is a visual reminder and natural meeting spot. Post a schedule of planning stages and events on a Post-it® Big Pad and call out important information with Post-it® Flags.

  • Boldy mark your progress

    Boldly mark your progress

    Use Post-it® Notes to create a colorful chart of your fundraising goal. Fill in the results with Post-it® Highlighting Flags to get everyone engaged.

  • Accountability record

    Accountability record

    A campaign has a better chance of success when hard work is recognized. Use a Post-it® Big Pad for volunteer sign-ups, and to keep everyone on track for rewards.

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